Volunteer at The Edinburgh Trial

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As the health of all involved with the event is our number one priority, we have made various changes to this year’s format to reflect this.

Although volunteers will be restricted to a minimum at all locations, we still need plenty of help to run the event.

Registering as a volunteer

To register as a volunteer, email your name and whether you prefer a morning or afternoon section, or any other specific role, to edinburghvolunteer@aol.com. (Please refer to our privacy policy for how your data will be used.)
You ll receive acknowledgment from the chief marshal with links to information vital to your role, health and safety. (This information will also remain available on this web page and on the MCC forum).

Information you must read

We ask all volunteers to familiarise themselves with the links below. We must follow all regulations for this year’s event, for everyone’s health and safety.

Volunteer health declaration

All volunteers must complete a health declaration 48 hours before the event and upload it to the club’s online entry system. Declarations can not be completed on the day.

If you are unable to fill in a health declaration online, please ask someone else to complete it on your behalf.

You will then be emailed a confirmation that allows you to observe or officiate.

Digital-only information

All information for volunteers will be provided digitally. Volunteer signing on will be online and must be completed to a strict time table.

Every volunteer will receive an email 14 days before the trial that will include:

  • a generic information document
  • a section / role specific information document
  • the health declaration
  • observer sheets
  • restart book (where applicable)
  • digital programme and copy of Triple magazine

Useful materials

Observing video

Use this guide as the basis for your day.  When we have clarified the format, we will issue updated guidance but, in the meantime, we will be using the basics from this video as our guide. You can find further information on marshalling here.

MSUK marshal accrediation course

The free MSUK rally and cross country marshal accreditation online course is highly recommended for all volunteers. Successful completion results in a free goody bag, including an official MSUK high vis vest.

At the event

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The MCC will supply vounteers with PPE on site. However, we ask each volunteer to provide their own high vis vest and their own results recording sheet.

We recommend that volunteers use the provided hand sanitiser regularly, and wear the face covering as recommended.

After event volunteers should take home the PPE (used or unused) and dispose of it. No equipment or materials should be collected or disposed of on site other than walkie talkies, for which specific guidance will be given. 

Every volunteer will be supplied with a sealed plastic bag containing a surgical mask, latex gloves, plastic whistle, alcoholic hand sanitiser, commemorative coaster and mug.
These will be packed at least seven days in advance by one person and delivered by the pre-course opening car one hour before the site’s scheduled opening time.
The bags and contents must be taken away once opened by each volunteer and not returned to the club. Volunteers must take responsibility for their bag and contents.

Recording information

Scoring on tests and sections will be recorded digitally and physically.
A nominated person at each site will be the ‘recorder,’ staying in a vehicle the whole time with either a laptop, tablet or phone and a walkie talkie.
As usual, we’ll establish up to four nominated observers on each section/test who will be equipped with a walkie talkie. They will communicate the performance of each vehicle as it passes to the recorder. The recorder will note the performance on the spreadsheet and on a hard copy as back up.
The observers will record on their self-printed score cards as a backup. They will keep these score cards themselves for 14 days post trial so any queries can be resolved.
The spreadsheets the recorders will use are simple spreadsheets, so they will not be corrupted in transmission. They will be emailed to the clerk of course and the nominated results volunteer as the sections closes.
Recognising that this involves more work than usual, we will provide volunteers with commemorative mugs and coasters.Aside from observing performance, volunteers usually assist competitors before the section and during their attempt at the hill or test. Due to current circumstances, we will be following MSUK guidance, specifically pages 9 – 12 inclusive. 

Before sections and tests

  • Competitors and marshals should socially distance, with face to face conversation limited
  • Face coverings should be used
  • No physical contact should be made with vehicles other than by competitors
  • Nothing outside the vehicle should be touched, fence posts/lamp posts gates etc.

On the section/test

Volunteers should not make physical contact with a vehicle or competitor except in the case of medical emergency. Should a vehicle become stuck or a rider falls from their bike, they alone should recover it, unless an injury is indicated. Passengers are expected to push their vehicle.

MSUK guidances states if there is an incident or medial intervention:

“A marshal should approach a stranded vehicle, face on and at a safe distance, to observe the OK (thumbs up) from the driver and request intervention in the case of no presented indication. If intervention is required, appropriate level PPE to be worn.”