Summer fun to test your vehicle


12 August 2023


1 day event


All welcome


The Bath & West Showground


1 June 2023


7 August 2023

The long-awaited return of the testing trial is a reality!

We will hold a slightly different event at the Bath and West Showground on the 12th of August.

The Triumph TR Register are holding their annual get together over the weekend 11th to 13th August and have offered us use of the showground 4x4 area and to join in with their celebrations of all things TR. Camping will be available Friday and Saturday night with onsite food and bar facilities.

The event will be at least four rounds of seven Observed tests. The 4x4 area is rough clay with some deep ruts so it will only be suitable for trials prepared vehicles.

We will however endeavour to position the observed tests on the smoother areas.

In 1986 the committee decided the club needed a new event. It should be a contrast to its three traditional trials but should have a character of its own.

After some discussion the then Chairman John Aley agreed to devise and organise something that summer provided everyone else on the committee would volunteer to help or compete on the day. After some brain searching John came up with a development of an idea he had seen being used with success back in the 50s. The formula was simple.

Take an area of land and set out a number of trials sections, none of which would present too much of a problem but make competitors complete each against the clock. Like the special tests in a classic trial the pressure of timing immediately makes the easiest section an entirely different problem. Each competitor would complete each test as many times as the day allowed and the awards would be given on aggregate times. There would of course be time penalties for not completing each section properly.

Competitors were divided into classes but instead of using the complicated MCC and ACTC class structure there would be only four classes. Two wheels, three wheels, four wheels with a roof and four wheels without a roof This would ease scrutineering but give everyone a chance. The overall award involved a simple handicap marking and a carefree atmosphere was indicated by the regulations openly discouraging any form of protest.

A suitable pitch was found near Mere in Somerset, right in the centre of the MCC catchment area ensuring most members could attend easily and immediately over 100 entries were received. On the day John Hayes, Alan Low and Dick Peachey dashed around keeping things going, Jenny West applied her rocket scientist skills to adding up the scores so within minutes of the last man finishing John Aley was able to give the prizes away. It had been a successful and most enjoyable event for novice and expert alike which has been repeated each year since although the site has had to be moved on occasions.

In 2004 the trial was held on heathland behind friendly Popham Airfield, well know to the MCC as a starting point in both the Exeter and Lands End Trials where the flatter terrain created a rather different character to the event giving it more of a grass autotest flavour. It was nevertheless enjoyed by the usual enthusiastic entry.



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