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The form is open to Members, Marshals, Passengers and Potential Newcomers.   Everyone has to register, non-members may be asked to identify why they think they should be allowed in.  This is not because we don’t like you, its just to keep the Spammers out.

Enter the online Membership Renewal and Trials Entry system

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Email Address: Your registered email address – the one on which you receive John Aley’s News of the Week.
Password: Your membership number, without any leading zeroes (if less than four digits) and without the letter suffix. The system does allow you to change your password but we recommend that existing members stay with their membership number whilst the system is still under test.

Using the online membership and trials entry system

The system is best viewed at minimum 1280×1024 pixels screen resolution, but if you have a smaller screen just be prepared to scroll to see the buttons and comments. The system is still under test, the current presentation is not quite as pretty as we would like, and full integration with the main club website has not yet been activated. For this reason, the system opens in a new browser window and links from this window to the main website have been disabled.

Making an online trial entry

If you are not sure of the correct answer to any question, you will find that in many cases you can put in “TBA” then go back at a later date and put in the correct answer. Teams should only be entered by the Team Captain, and team members can only attach themselves to teams after the captain has created the team. So the onus is down to teams of friends to actually talk to each other! You are only allowed to “run with” a maximum of two other people.

How to enter online
How to enter a team online