Where to watch The Land's End Trial

Blue Hills Mine - Main Trial, Class O and R

The most spectacular setting of any trials hill anywhere in the UK, with magnificent views in both directions along the North Cornwall coastline. There are three sections: 'Old' Blue Hills, Blue Hills 1 with a steep rock slab in the bottom of the valley and the rough-and-rocky Blue Hills 2 which climbs steeply alongside the coastal path up the south side of Trevellas Combe.

First bike: Saturday 10:45am

Designated car park location: W3W: ///nimbly.named.strategy

Crackington - Main Trial only

Is a wooded section which is virtually unchanged since the 1930s. It provides a good spectacle as competitors fight to get through the mud and ruts towards the top of the section. Park in Middle and Lower Crackington.

First bike: Saturday 4:20am

Top of section location: W3W: ///decisive.locked.widely

Beggars Roost - Main Trial and Class O

Is located just East of Barbrook, on the North Devon Coast near Lynton. A historic hill that has been part of the trial since 1922. Parking in the village roads of Barbrook (no car park). Please be courteous to the residents.

First bike: Friday 10:45pm

Bottom of section location: W3W: ///tour.finishers.scorching

Porlock Hill

At 25%, Porlock Hill is reputedly the steepest A road in England. It climbs approx. 1,300 ft (400 m) in less than 2 miles (3.2 km) up onto Exmoor. The route was introduced pre WWI which was a real test for the machine of the times and still features in the route today.

Where to watch The Exeter Trial

Fingle Bridge

Why spectate at Fingle Bridge? The setting, in the steep valley of the River Teign, is absolutely marvellous, particularly if you’re prepared to walk some way up the hill to sample the wonderful views. The section is comparatively easy so most competitors are relaxed and often chatting with friends and fellow competitors. The parking is easy and, finally, you can retire to the excellent Fingle Bridge Inn by the bridge over the river Teign.

Directions: Fingle Bridge is south of the village of Drewsteignton, between Exeter and Okehampton. Please approach from the west, along the lanes via Drewsteignton, then drive down towards the bridge. Please do not approach from the east as the competitors come in this way and the lanes are very narrow.

Parking: Please park neatly on the left-hand side of the road where there are designated parking areas. It is a short walk, over the bridge, to the foot of the section. Please do not attempt to cross the bridge by car – this route is for competitors only.

Section begins at OS GR: SX 743899


Why spectate at Simms? A question that doesn’t really need asking. Simms is generally considered the most difficult “MCC hill” and it’s the one that all competitors want to ‘clean’ – but very few do. There are always hundreds of spectators and a fantastic atmosphere. The cheer from the crowd when a competitor struggles to the top can be heard across the valley in Ilsington. If you only spectate on one hill on one event each year – go to Simms!

Directions: Simms is south of the village of Ilsington, which is south west of Bovey Tracey. Ilsington can be reached from Bovey Tracey by the B3387, or directly on narrow lanes. Ilsington can also be reached from the A38 via Liverton.

The Bowling Club of the Islington Playing Fields and Recreation Association will be running the car parking in Islington Playing Fields. Park your car for just £5, which includes an event programme. All proceeds go to the Bowling Club. The car park will open at 8.30am.

This will avoid congestion in the village, Simms and Donkey Trot. Donkey Trot is just a 10 minute walk away, with the main trial and Class O using this section.

Islington Village has requested that you use the route shown on the map when you leave.

2024 spectator times

Fingle 1 & 2: First motorcycle (No.1) 7:20am, first car (No. 131) 9:31am

Donkey Trot: First motorcycle (No.1) 9:50am. first car (No. 131), 12:01pm

Simms: First motorcycle (No.1) 10:35am, first car (No. 131), 12:36pm

Where to watch The Edinburgh Trial

Litton Slack between Litton and Cressbrook

This section was first used by the MCC on October 25th 1930. We are extremely grateful to the landowner and tenant farmers who have allowed us the continued use of this steep slope for 96 years.

Originally the section started down amongst the cottages at Litton Mill and followed the then stone track all the way straight up the valley before turning right at the stone trough and out of the gates at the top.

The section is a natural gallery where the whole section can be seen easily from any vantage point.

We and the farmer ask that spectator approach only from the North. FREE parking is available to all approximately 100 metres north of the section finish in the farm yard at the right of the road. Pleasse do not drive further down the lane twoards the farm as cattle are moving in that area all day.

At all times on the site you should follow the marshals instructions. As you enter the field by the farm gate you must stay on the public rights of way at all times. The stone track along the top of the eastern banking is the most appropriate. We ask that you remain within 100 metres of the farm gate and never leave the right of way. The rest of the site is strictly out of bounds. We have taken every measure to manage our impact on this special area and we ask our members and friends to respect these instructions at all times.

The first competitor is expected onsite from approximately 13.40.

w3w rules.angry.turned

os 119/162735

Where not to spectate

Many people live work and spend their leisure time in the Peak District. The pressure upon the landscape and the roads is immense especially at weekends, even in Autumn. It is essential that we always respect the environment, those who call it home or their work place and respect the rights of others to enjoy their leisure without hindrance. So please lets set a high standard for other users to attain. Please only visit those areas highlighted as suitable for spectators. Never park beside the road, never leave litter, always give way to any and all other users in all circumstances, always be respectful and courteous to everyone and all property, always leave the area litter free, always minimise noise and disruption, always visit local businesses cafes, shops petrol stations etc.

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