Join the MCC

Our current membership fees:

  • New membership (includes a welcome pack) – £35
  • Membership renewal – £30
  • Family membership – £8
  • Passenger – £5

Club membership lasts for one year from the date of payment and a courtesy email is sent when membership is due for renewal.

Our current event fees:

  • Individual standard trial entry for the Exeter, Land’s End & Edinburgh Trials – £80
  • MCC Edinburgh Classic Trial (class R) – 2020 fee TBA
  • Team entry –  2020 fee TBA
  • Car insurance (for competitors without suitable cover) – £19-25 per event
  • ACU trials registration, required for motorcycles, sidecars and three wheelers – £12

Member benefits:

  • New member pack – as a new member, you will receive a pack containing an MCC membership card, a copy of the Supplementary Standing Regulations and a copy of the Articles of Association.
  • Ability to enter any MCC event – the Exeter Trial, Lands End Trial, Edinburgh Trial, Testing Trial and the Somerset Scatter Navigation Rally.
  • Access to the club forum (non-members can register provided that they meet certain criteria, e.g. belong to a trials club, are an active marshal).
  • A weekly ‘News Of The Week’ (NOTW) email newsletter.
  • Three issues of Triple magazine each year.

Returning members

If you do not renew your MCC membership for some years but choose to return, you can join again as a renewal. Your MCC membership number will be the same as previously.

Family membership

If you live at the same address as a family member of the MCC, you can purchase a family membership for just £8. You’ll receive the same benefits, but won’t receive correspondence from the club.

Passenger membership

This enables passengers in sidecar outfits, cars and three wheelers to comply with the regulations of the ACU and the Motor Sports Association.
You will be able to apply for your ACU Trials Registration Card. Passengers cannot enter MCC events other than as a passenger and do not receive correspondence from the club.

Team trial entry

Team entries are for three competitors in the same event, competing in any class. Teams can be a mixture of bikes, cars, sidecar outfits and three-wheelers.


Insurance supplied by the ACU or the MCC only covers basic Road Traffic Act (RTA) requirements. The insurance is third party cover only while on the road and in trial sections, but does not apply for competitor to competitor scrapes or crunches. Bike insurance is included with your ACU trials registration.

How to join the MCC

Invited Clubs

There are some clubs that are invited to enter MCC events as defined in the event Additional Standard Regulations. Members of these clubs do not require MCC membership. These clubs are:

  • All Classes – Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC). Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF), Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC), the British Armed Forces Motorcycle Association and the Federation of British Police Motor Clubs riding motor cycles.
  • Class R only – Allard Owners Club, BSA Bantam Owners Club, Crash Box & Classic Car Club, MG Car Club, Morgan Sports Car Club, Morgan Three Wheeler Club, Torbay Motor Club, TR Register, Windwhistle Motor Club, Woolbridge Motor Club.

ACU Trials Registration Card – Bikes, Sidecar Outfits and Three-wheelers

Competitors and passengers on bikes, sidecar outfits and in three-wheelers need an ACU registration card. You can apply for this from your club e.g. TRF, VMCC, MCC once you are a member. To get your card, you need to:

1. Get the authorisation code from the club’s membership secretary. (You’ll need this code to apply to the ACU.)
2. Go to the ACU website and download the ACU Trials Registration Form.
3. Stick a passport photo to the ACU form. (Renewal is a simpler process and can be completed online.)
4. Complete the form and post it to the ACU.
5. Await your Trials Registration Card through the post.

Honorary Members

The MCC awards honorary membership to individuals who have performed special services for the Club. Honorary members are not entitled to compete in the three, main long distance trials, but can enter the Testing Trial and the Somerset Scatter Navigation Rally.