How to join

Go to My Club House, our membership and entry system and select ‘Register for Membership’ from the top left corner.

Choose the membership type that suits you:

Full Member: £34 a year

Full membership provides the following:

Entry into all MCC sporting events

Three issues of the club's Triple magazine

Ability to compete for a prestigious annual award in addition to the many others

A weekly newsletter

Access to may sporting events run by other clubs

There is an additional £5 joining fee for new members.

If you let your membership lapse for more than 90 days, you will have to pay the joining fee when you re-join.

Family Member +1: £45 a year

A full membership as above, plus a family member who must live in the same household as the full member.

The family member has full event entry rights as above, but only one copy of Triple is posted to the household.

Family Member +2 or +3: £56 a year

As above but with up to three additional family members in the household.

Passenger Member: £8 a year

Passenger membership is required for anyone on a sidecar outfit, three wheeler or a car who wants to passenger in the main 'Navigator's' seat.

You can enter all our events as a passenger, but don't receive Triple magazine. It also allows the passenger member to enter all ACTC and other events the MCC are invited to, as a passenger.

Junior Member

It's assumed that all juniors applying to enter will be in a family of an existing member, but if not, get in touch with the Membership Secretary.

Generally only those able to drive are allowed to be full members, but if a 12 -16 year old wants to join, they can. They have three options:

1. Full membership (usually as a family member) £8.

Full membership rights, can act as a passenger or could drive in a qualifying field trial etc. if 14 or over.

2. Passenger membership, as above.

3. Register only, free.

Registered on the Membership Database so we have emergency contact info and allowed to passenger in the 'Navigator's' seat (see SSR's for info on age restrictions for passengers in different types of vehicle) or in a rear seat, but not a member of the club per-se.

Now it's time to get ready

If this is your first MCC trial then you are in for a treat. There's things that you can do to make sure you are well prepared and get the most out of the event. We've put together some handy advice and guidance to help you prepare.

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