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Re: Changes to class A
« Reply #15 on: March 23, 2017, 08:05:23 pm »
Hi Jonathan, as Iíve said in my previous post, Iím happy as things are. However, there have been comments made in the NOTW regards this subject and by posting some of them on here I was hoping to invoke some live debate and inject some life into the forum. Currently it seems like thereís just me, Rick and Paul on here. And weíre under no illusion that our thoughts represent the views of other club members.   

Regards the Honda 90 guys, I was hoping to hear from them directly on this topic. I wouldnít assume that they are struggling with the challenges set by the club. They were all sporting bigger engines and are very capable riders. I chose a CZ125 because I like a challenge, and I'm guessing so do they otherwise why attempt such an event on a C90. I wouldnít want you to make it easy for me, where's the fun in that. Iím guessing neither would they but we need to hear that from them. Come on you C90 guys where are you, please give us your thoughts.  :(

BTW my next build will be a C90 powered JAWA mustang.  ;) see my other post in the Bike Help section.