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VW Beetle
« on: January 01, 2017, 01:26:55 pm »
I have a VW beetle its a 1972 1300 the intention was to pay back my wife for all those years of transport to Cornwall while I rode my motorcycle to and from the Lands end. unfortunately she finds the driving position too uncomfortable and says she would rather passenger a trials outfit (we have done a MCC lands end to John -o Groats twice)
I thought I would use it to perhaps re-visit the Exeter which is out of my temperature range on a bike nowadays. Its just coming up to a year since the MOT  and I must face the fact it has not moved since I drove it back if fact I doubt if I have done 100 miles in it since I got it in 2012
It has new MCC viable  tyres raised suspension a reconditioned engine and exhaust and tow rope on the front I have a set of 924 seats ready to fit it needs a rack for the two spare tyres at the back.
I have a couple of bike projects that could do with a cash injection including a Beta Alp that stopped dead at the first check point on the Edinburgh Trial. :-0 lots more pictures available on email
I am looking for 2500     Bedfordshire