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TyreToTravel, Satnav Routes
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:40:21 am »
I've recently started using a satnav navigation program called TyreToTravel. As one of the Ride Leaders with my local group of advanced motorcyclist, I have to come up with a day's or evening's ride-out for the group of 150 or 40 miles. 

I struggled with Garmin's Basecamp and Mapsource; the Basecamp file was not compatible with my Garmin Zumo 400 (a fact I only found out about after what felt like hours trawling the internet  >:(). My solution was to type, print and place the route in my MCC trial route-holder, then ride the route while recording it on my satnav.  All very laborious and difficult to transfer the recorded file to another user  :(.  Then a fellow club member suggested TyreToTravel.

I might be preaching to the converted, but what a difference.  Easy to use and can be used with Garmin or TomTom.  Enter a start point, destination and add waypoints; dragging and dropping if you want to move them. Do a Save As onto your computer and the route is available to upload on your satnav  :).

A few of things to be aware of.  TyreToTravel uses the google maps, which, in places, may not be identical to Garmin's maps.  I don't know about TomTom. Therefore the route that TyreToTravel chooses could differ from the route that your Garmin chooses.  However, this is remedied by adding additional waypoints, or the judicious placing of existing waypoints in TyreToTravel.  There is a maximum number of waypoints that can be placed in Garmin satnavs, 29 I believe, so for a long route, you might need to split it into two parts.  I managed to construct a 150 mile route of B-roads and unclassified roads with 23 waypoints and Garmin reproduced that faithfully.  Since TyreToTravel uses google maps, you can select google's street scenes to appear so you can also virtually-ride the route.

The programme has given my old Garmin Zumo 400 a new lease of life, especially after I found out how to increase the display brightness after many years  ::).  TyreToTravel was developed by a couple of Dutch motorcyclists; the basic version of TyreToTravel is free; you can download it from

I'm no expert on TyreToTravel, but if anyone needs a beginner's tutorial, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best.

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Re: TyreToTravel, Satnav Routes
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2016, 02:05:44 pm »
thanks I'll certainly have a look.

Some people use Memory Map with OS mapping - especially useful for byways and unclassified routes with those "unsuitable for motor vehicles" signs. I've seen this used with a simple pointer system on a garmin with great results for finding those hidden lanes.