Author Topic: The "My Garage" Facility from Dave Middleditch.  (Read 420 times)

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The "My Garage" Facility from Dave Middleditch.
« on: November 02, 2020, 10:39:58 pm »
Morning all,
You'll hopefully know that entries for the Edinburgh go live Sunday. It's our first full use of MyClubHouse including paying for the event, so fingers crossed. We've tested wherever we can, but you never know how real users will manage to break it...
The 'My Garage' facility went live yesterday, so in the entry form, you'll select which vehicle you'll be competing on. Therefore please go into your account today and make sure everything is complete, vehicles are in the 'virtual garage' and you're not left stuck trying to enter tomorrow.
When entering, only the' essential' questions need to be answered, so if you don't yet know your vehicle or passenger for example, you'll be able to go back in later and choose one/select a different one.
We've also had some problems with payments but they are now going through as long as every box has been filled in correctly. Sometimes a payment reports a failure message even though the payment went through, so if that's the case message me or check your bank account and we can check if it's gone through.
Any problems, give me a shout, 07916 302 701,
Dave Middleditch
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