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Exeter Trial 2021
« on: September 10, 2020, 03:51:04 pm »
Pleased to put some flesh on the bones outlining what we are proposing to offer on 8th & 9th  January. Our plan is for an event which stands the least chance of cancellation but this does mean we each have to accept some compromises.
First the bad news. It will not come as a surprise to Members and Volunteers to hear that our gravest concern is how to manage the social distancing of spectators at places like Fingle, Ilsington, Simms and Slippery Sam. Reluctantly, we have concluded that the risks are too great for us to include in 2021 any of the daytime sections west of Exeter.

In addition, in order to ensure compliance with the current government regulations on social distancing and group sizes, we are going to cap entries at 120 for the main trial running at 2 minute intervals. This means we can more easily control passage and queuing at the starts, Haynes, the Finish and before sections.

If thatís the bad news whatís the good?

We believe a unique feature of MCC trials is the night run and of the Exeter is the fact that the night run is through a sparsely populated and rural area of the South West. These two factors work in favour of a COVID compliant long distance Trial.

Our plan is to run the Main Trial starting from Tiverton at 19.30, followed by Cirencester and Popham. There will be a common route from Steps Lane special test for all competitors, north of Frome, plus a new tarmac restart before Haynes. Competitors will leave Haynes from 00.01 and will tackle some 10 sections and special tests finishing at Crealy from 05.30.

The Main Trial will include classes A-E, 1-8 and class 90 and will be available to full MCC Members only. Iím afraid no classes F or O will be available however, subject to demand, we will run a Class R event from Tiverton to Haynes and then from Haynes to Crealy. Both trials will have a distance of around 165 miles. The class R event will be limited to 30 competitors and will require no additional marshals.

As we are running a restricted entry and a shorter route, the 2021 Exeter Trial will not count towards a Triple.

We plan to open entries on 1st November subject to the necessary permissions being in place. It will be first come first served but we will be reserving 40% of places for motorcycle class entries and 60% for cars based upon the main trial mix in January 2020.

We believe that the event as planned minimises the risk of cancellation due to potential local lockdowns, as we are keeping it mainly rural and at night and having a shorter route than normal.

Very happy to respond to questions from Members and Volunteers either on our Facebook page, or on the Forum or through NOTW. My tin hat is at the ready!

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Re: Exeter Trial 2021
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2020, 08:32:56 pm »
Most excellent.... :)
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