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Honda XR400, 2001 For Sale SOLD
« on: June 23, 2020, 06:47:52 pm »
One owner from new.  Set up for MCC long distance trials (LDT) and only used for these events.  The bike has enabled me to win numerous Bronze and Silver awards, and a Class B award.

The changes for LDT include increased electrical power output for brighter headlamp and heated clothing, suspension professionally lowered to reduce the seat height for restarts on the sections.

For more photos, follow this link

Mileage 39055 km / 24,267 miles.

Enhancements are as follows:

1.   200 W stator (comprises two 100 W coils; one 100 W coil being used for the bikes lights, the other 100 W coil not in use, but available for heated clothing).

2.   Lowered front suspension and rear shock; professionally carried out by Dr Shox.  Additionally, a Talon lowering link on the rear linkage.

3.   Seat height 875 mm/34.4 in. (Standard is 930 mm/36.6 inch)

4.   Headlamp fitted with 60/55 W, H4 bulb in a pattern headlamp assembly (original OEM headlamp assembly available).

5.   LED indicators.

6.   Vibranators installed in ends of handlebars (Vibranators are a USA-made, handlebar-mounted, vibration-damping device).

7.   Low front mudguard (helps prevent crud being thrown onto the engine and improves air flow to the cylinder head and oil cooler).

8.   Auxiliary 12 V SAE connector (for illumination of a route holder).

9.   DEP silencer installed (stainless steel and aluminium; quietest silencer available at the time and passes noise meter tests at events).

10.   Renthal trials bars with Acerbi handguards.

11.   Shortened side stand to accommodate the reduced height.

Equipped with Pirelli MT43 tyres; both in good condition and plenty of tread remaining.  Front tyre has done 834 miles; rear tyre has done 1,399 miles.  Both wheels balanced.

Regularly serviced and maintained as follows:

1.   Engine oil renewed after every event (approx. 400 to 700 miles); oil filter renewed after every other event; valve clearances checked after every event.

2.   Spark plug has done 1,399 miles since renewed.

3.   Air filter has done 1,399 miles since renewed with Honda part.

4.   Chain and sprockets (DID VX520 x-ring; JT sprockets 15/45) and chain slider have done only 1,399 miles since renewed.

5.   Rear brake - pads in good condition; have done 1,399 miles; seals renewed at the same time. 

6.   Front brake - pads in good condition, have done 2,611 miles since renewed; caliper seals done 4,475 miles since renewed, disc recently renewed.

7.   Rear wheel bearings done 2,611 miles since renewed.

8.   Swinging arm spindle removed and greased regularly to prevent seizure in the engine casing.  (The spindle can seize in the steel sleeves of the engine casing if neglected.  You can have big trouble removing a seized spindle.  if you donít buy this bike, check this point on any other XR400 you might consider buying.)

9.   Engine bolts regularly removed and greased.

Manuals and Spares

Manuals and spares included as follows:

1.   Original parts such as the original front mudguard, headlamp assembly, rear suspension link and licence plate lamp. (The original front mudguard was missed from the photo.)

2.   Clutch and brake levers, new gaskets for header pipes.

3.   16 tooth gearbox sprocket to raise gearing for the road if required.

4.   Spare rear suspension linkage and engine control unit.

5.   Ownerís Manual and Service Booklet.

6.   Original Honda tool kit.

7.   Haynes Workshop Manual.

8.   Original documentation from the dealer.

The MoT has expired and will not be renewed for two reasons; the pandemic lock-down and I would have to insure the bike to get it to the dealer.  If the bike fails the MoT, Iíll re-imburse you the £30 for the cost of the test.

The bike has not been abused and is still on the original clutch plates.  The bike is a good starter.  If itís to be left standing for a while (as in between events), drain the carburettor, then you have fresh fuel when you come to start it.  For a cold start, choke out, donít touch the throttle, edge over the compression stroke with the decompressor lever, then give a good swing on the kick start; a couple of those and the engine will start. 

If you fall over and flood the engine; open the throttle fully, pull in the decompressor, kick the engine over several times to clear the combustion chamber, then start in the normal way.

Faults?  The AC regulator failed one time so was replaced.

The reason for sale?  I have had the bike from new in 2001 and developed it to the optimum point for long distance trials for me.  However, I am not as good a rider as I used to be, the hip and knee joints are aching, and I now have electric start bike plus and the chance to develop this bike.

The XR400 is one of the all-time great off-road bikes; just look at the reviews and ownerís opinions on the many internet forums.  If I had the space to hang onto it and use it now and again, I would keep the bike, but thatís not going to happen.

Price in the region of £1,800.  More if thereís a huge demand, less if thereís little demand.  No demand; itíll go on ebay.  Contact me paulkhambatta at (substitute @ for at)

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Re: Honda XR400, 2001 For Sale
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2020, 07:21:41 pm »
Thats very reasonably priced :) no Covid tax here.

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Re: Honda XR400, 2001 For Sale
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2020, 08:36:23 pm »
I agree. Shame its not class c compatible.  :-[

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Re: Honda XR400, 2001 For Sale SOLD
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2020, 08:20:38 am »
The XR400 is now sold.