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Exeter Trial update 25th November 2019
« on: November 25, 2019, 09:13:40 pm »
Exeter Trial update number 2 Monday 25th November

Entries to the 19th November

Online entries have formally closed and any entrants after this date will not have their names included in the programme. In addition a surcharge of 9 will be applied to the entry fee. See below for further details.

As of 19th November the following entries have been received;

Classes 1 -90 Cars Main Trial: 135
Classes A F Motorcycles: 84 including 5 in the new Adventure bike class
Class 0 Cars: 25
Class O Motorcycles: 13

We also have 4 cars and 7 motorcycles starting from Crealy. 

110 of the 268 entries want their route book by PDF.

It would appear that we have bettered the entries for both 2019 and 2018 and there are still 6 weeks to go until the Trial. We hope the improved entry levels reflect the investment we have made in marketing our events and the fantastic work undertaken in hill repairs over the past few weeks.


We are in the process of finalizing sections for both the Main Trial and O class. A reminder that substantial repairs have been carried out to Tillerton, Simms and Tipley and are scheduled for Slippery Sam in the next couple of weeks.

The schedule for the Main Trial includes;

Windwhistle OS1 and Test 1
Normans Hump
Core Hill Test 2
Passaford Lane
Tillerton Steep
Fingle Hill
Wooston Steep
Sawmills noise test
Slippery Sam

O class includes;

Windwhistle OS1 and Test 1
Emmetts Lane
Jobbles Lane 1 & 2
Stewarts Hill
Pinn Hill
Sandy Lane
Core Hill Test 2
Donkey Trot
Millen Lane

Millen Lane is a new section close to and in place of Frenches. Readers will also note that we have decided not to include Gatcombe, which has been badly eroded in recent storms.

Entries are still welcome

Entries will continue to be taken by direct application to our event Secretary, Dave Sapp we are now targeting the 300 mark. In the next issue we will be particularly promoting the Exeter Taster starting from Crealy. Ideal for those seeking an Exeter Taster as an introduction to our events.


Chief Marshal, Ian Thompson, still has a number of gaps in his allocation and would be pleased to hear from prospective marshals at