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Exeter Trial 2020 update 15th November
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:55:10 pm »
Exeter Trial update Friday 15th November

Roger Ulgade and myself, joint Clerks of the Course spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week checking on a number of the Main Trial and O class sections East and West of Exeter.

NOTW reported on the fantastic work Masterminded by Phil Tucker on Tillerton, Simms and Tipley [see below for repairs details]..We went out to find out for themselves and are pleased to report that all three hills are in excellent condition Roger was particularly pleased to achieve a clean of Simms in his Toyota HiLux  [apparently a first for him in that particular vehicle].

In terms of the O class hills; unfortunately Gatcombe proved to be severely damaged after recent rain and unsuitable for use. In addition, Frenches has a huge step and damage near the start and is also unsuitable. Jobbles Lane will now have two sections and we think we may have found a nearby alternative for Frenches.

Main trial hills visited included Kingswell, cancelled in 2019. Work will be undertaken by the owner before the end of December to eliminate the deep ruts.

A reminder that entries formally close on Monday 18th. So if you want your name included in the programme and avoid an extra cost of 9 please get your entry in over this weekend.

Further updates will be published on Facebook and the Forum leading up to the 3rd January.


Chief Marshal Ian Thompson is appealing:   Please consider marshalling.   If interested send an email to   I will do my best to accommodate all preferences for times, indoor or outdoor positions and favourite sections.   No previous experience necessary.   Ian Thompson   07717 093228 evenings only


 Tillerton has had extensive repairs.   It has been machine graded which has removed the most damaging outcrops rock.   The  pitsand gullies which were in excess of 500mm deep cleaned out and filled with concrete.   The hill and especially the restart area is still a real challenge but now should not be damaging.

Simms.   The top 20 metres had some serious pits in excess of 500mm deep forming damaging steps. The whole area was cleaned out and pits filled with concrete leaving the surface uneven an just as steep.   The contractor also paid attention to the step  of rock slab half way up and to the restart area.   In my view these repairs have brought the hill back to its challenging condition of 20 years ago.

Tipley.   The culvert at just before the start had been blocked for some years allowing water to erode the lane to an impassable condition.   The contactors, Dave Geach Ltd, cleared the blockage using their big machine and in the process discovering the old mill ponds sluice gate which was causing the log jam.   The hill was then marine graded from top to bottom.   There remained several damaging steps and gullies which were cleaned out and filled with concrete.   The exit route has not come under the repair remit, so it will NOT be used.   A new exit route has been established and cleared, competitors will now turn left at the summit rather thandecending straight on.

Planned first week in December:   Slippery Sam.   It is planned to clean out the restart area and fill a massive hole between two sandstone outcrops in the restart area, this part of the section having caused several serious car suspension failures over the last few years.