Author Topic: LAST CALL FOR EARLY BIRD ENTRIES Edinburgh Trial 5th October  (Read 677 times)

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LAST CALL FOR EARLY BIRD ENTRIES Edinburgh Trial 5th October
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:47:49 pm »
Discounted entries close on the 17th so raid the piggy bank of the 65 and get that entry in!  We already have more entries than last year and class R is almost a sell out!

Entries will stay open until the end of the month but at 85 and you ll forego the honour of been named in the programme.

To tempt have we mentioned NO restarts for class 1 ( FWD) class 2 (vintageish) or class E ( sidecars) and only 1 tarmac hill start for class O

For those up for a challenge Corkscrew is ripe this year Litton Slack is verdant and now well drained and the rough edges have been blunted on Excelsior.  The rocks and roots of Dudwood 2 have been avoided and ALL sections will be straight through for successful climbs, we ve a new route through cliff quarry more fully heated accommodation at the Duke of York for breakfast, The last chance to climb Incline in its current configuration ( all those trees are been cut down :( ) and if all that isnt enough to tempt you did I mention the Ladies at Hollinsclough village hall are planning the biggest cake bake ever!

Entries for the daylight only sections Derbyshire class starting and finishing at the Duke of York,  Pomeroy will stay open until the very last minute for cars and bikes, Derbyshire daylight class is aimed fairly and squarely at older/younger/novices/returners/unsuitable machinery/ competitive vehicles/members and nonmembers If you fill tick any of those boxes then what better way to spend an Autumnal Saturday in The Peak District and all for 50. no restarts in this class and you get a shot at Corkscrew and Litton Slack if you and your vehicle are up to it! 

NEW  easy to use online entry forms for the daylight Derbyshire class available from

that sounds so good I may do it myself if im free that weekend ;)