Author Topic: Brand New Bikes for around 3.5K  (Read 3287 times)

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Re: Brand New Bikes for around 3.5K
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2019, 06:03:25 pm »

A riding mate had a 125 Mutt, which I rode while he tried out my W650.  I found the 125 terrifying :o.  I'm used to 350 cc and above engines.  Struggling on an 'A' road with a large lorry in the mirrors was no fun.  More than happy to hand it back after 10 miles or so :).

Ah well; small machines are definitely best on small roads - that's not A roads. If you ride small bikes (and they can be terrific fun) then plan your routes accordingly; I have ridden with friends all over the UK and France on a 125 Bantam (4hp) but only because I route plan using roads that are generally quiet (and level ;D) ie off the satnav radar. Definitely horses for courses.