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A well prepared Suzuki X90
« on: October 09, 2018, 07:50:12 pm »
NOW SOLD.........

I'm selling my Suzuki X90. Its very well prepared and is ready to go with lots of spares and extras to go with.

firstly let me say I'm a novice with a car and out of the three class O trials I've done I've got one copper and am claiming a second for this years Edinburgh. This was Paul Brook's car and he'd set it up to perform really well. He has won several Gold's in class 5 with this car and it was the first X90 to win a triple award.

The car has been lifted, front bash plate fitted, two girders in the back for ballast and has a compressor hard wired in the boot. it has 5 new tyres and one very good used one. It has a good CD player fitted, fire extinguisher and spill kit. its been well serviced and looked after by myself, comes with service history, manuals and has only done 48525 miles and I am the third owner.

Paul fitted a new clutch and a cam belt and since I've owned it I've changed the engine oil and filter twice, fitted a new air filter and plugs, changed the gearbox and diff oil. The gearbox was sounding a bit rough so I fitted a good second hand one and have just recently overhauled the brakes. That's new callipers, disks, pads on the front and new cylinders and shoes on the rear (400's worth). the engine sounds really sweet and I'm using the car to go back and forward to work in at the moment and id trust this car to get me anywhere. Also the car has recently pass its MOT.

I like to be prepared so I collected the following spares which will also go with the car.
Starter motor
Fan and power steering belts
bulbs and fuses
spare original mirrors
12v LED work light and extension cable
wheel brace and jack
A brand new clutch cable.

I've just done the Edinburgh trial with no problems at all. only had to get out of the car to sort the tyre pressures.
The only problems with the car are, the passenger window is very slow and there is a small leak on the power steering. One of the pipes is weeping a bit. Its very slow and dosnt seem to have lost any over the duration of the trial but in a few weeks I'll have to put a bit in.

Because of these little faults I'm asking 995 ono and would like to see it go to a club member and hope they enjoy it as much as I have. The only reason I'm selling is, I'm going back to two wheels.  ;)

Send me an email if you are interested .

NOW REDUCED TO 900 ono.  ;D