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2018 various observations
« on: October 07, 2018, 07:41:07 pm »
I was scheduled to marshal on the Middleton Moor test and was joined by Paul Davey whose Serow had decided to generate metal in the oil so was a non starter.

Observation 1. I had forgotten to bring the deeds to my house to use to pay for a coffee and cake at the services. Not the organisers' fault I know but just a comment !!!

Observation 2. As we left the Tamworth services, circled the M42 roundabout and joined the new A5 we were just in time to see two competitors cars who were following the route card and exiting on to the old A5. One was going up the exit slip road and the other was driving up the entry slip road !!!
To say this was stupid would be to be "stating the bleedin obvious" and could have been catastrophic if "Tamworth Tommy" and his bit of totty were power sliding their VW Golf round toward an A5 that they expected to be empty at that time of night.
There were no excuses and it could have reflected badly on the club if an accident had occured.

Observation 3. Lack of preparation as to the requirements of the special test. The number of requests for how to do the test was astounding and one crew even suggested we didn't know what was required until it was pointed out that they were looking at the wrong test diagram !!
I know that we are not supposed to give ANY information but quite frankly when a couple of bike riders arrived who were very wet and told me this was their first trial I felt it would be churlish to tell them "tough luck mate" so I gave the appropriate information and encouragement, after all we want them to see them back again.
However the number of car crews that asked for information was ridiculous. Come on drivers, explain to your navigator that they must read the route card thoroughly and understand the requirements and then either make notes or devise some form of logical format, after all most of you are sitting in nice dry cars with a heater and route card lighting so there is NO EXCUSE.

Observation 4. After several weeks of dry sunny weather it just had to start raining at midnight, rain all night and then it had the temerity to stop at 12 noon followed by bright and sunny afternoon. Sorry organisers, I know this wasn't your fault either but it had to be worth a bitch !!

I hope all the competitors enjoyed themselves but I would urge everyone to consider my comments.

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Re: 2018 various observations
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2018, 10:56:18 am »
Thanks for marshalling, can't have been the most pleasant thing to do on a Saturday morning! Glad we provided some quiet entertainment in the Leaf, it turned out to be the only observed section we made it to  :(

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Re: 2018 various observations
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2018, 11:43:28 am »
I agree about the lack of preparation regarding reading instructions. I helped Robin Barlow at the Carsington Control.

We all became quite fed up of having to tell competitors that it was up to them to work out their own departure time, not us. Some seemed to understand what that meant but many walked off, looking confused. Some seemed really quite grumpy about being told. To be fair, the route instructions should perhaps have explained this slightly better. For some reason, some competitors kept asking about "the twenty minute break".

One navigator stormed off to fetch her green card after coming to ask that same question and being told it needed a signature and on her return she threw it down on the table, rather than handing it over. Not very friendly and certainly not in the spirit of things. I did wonder if that was the same "lady" who two years ago (towards the end of the long delay at Carsington) appeared previously unannounced from the back of the car park to depart and tore me off a strip for not coming to find her in her nice warm car to collect her card, get it signed and deliver it back to her.

One competitor turned up with his card but somehow not having a "start" signature on it ... Another turned up with only a photo of his card sent to his mobile phone - they had left it behind at Tamworth! Hopefully "lessons learned" there.

I think Robin needs a special mention, btw. He did an excellent job in very difficult circumstances. I arrived at Carsington at about half past midnight and he was already set up by then, in the rain. We stayed till about 06:45 and it was very difficult to keep the rain off the paperwork table and the blustery wind from blowing everything off it - thankfully he had it all sorted. He was very ably assisted in keeping things in order by a wheel chair bound chap called Julian - who wasn't even in our club but knew exactly what to do. Well done and many thanks, Robin and Julian!

The blustery wind and rain caused one moment of hilarity. A fellow Marshal (no names to protect the innocent) fetched his umbrella and stood underneath. Funny thing was, the wind suddenly increased and whipped the fabric cover completely off - it blew straight under the Raynet van. For a while he didn't notice and stood as before with only the handle and spoked  frame to keep the rain off!  ::)
Cheers, PW.