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X90 help for new owner
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:33:14 pm »
As a new X90 owner can I ask for help on the following?
What needs checking or strengthening?
Are the gearbox and axle reliable and who will overhaul them?
Are the gearbox and axle the same as a Vitara
Is the engine the same as any Suzuki saloon?
Do prop shafts break and why?
Many thanks

Offline Kevin Sharp

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Re: X90 help for new owner
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2018, 08:47:22 pm »
Welcome to the wonderful world of X90s! I've been running a Suzuki since late 2011 and only had one breakdown. With the right modifications they have the ability to win you a medal on the MCC trials. If you are lucky you can achieve a gold too. In answer to your questions, I'll do my best so here we go:-

Reliability - Nothing needs strengthening and not much needs checking apart from the usual stuff for a 20 year old car. The power steering pipe which runs under the radiator sometimes rusts through but is easy to repair and you can finish a trial without power steering, so my good friend and X90 owner Roger Beaumont tells me! Apart from that, check the oil and fluids occasionally and away you go.
The diffs sometimes go if you spend ages spinning the rear wheels but a really good rally diff oil will fix that.
The gearbox and axle are bullet proof and never need checking.
The engine and gearbox are the same as the X90 or at least the gearbox is the same as the 2 wheel drive X90. However the propshaft length and splines are slightly different between the 2. Many people fit a 4 wheel drive gearbox in which has a High/low ratio in it. They then blank off the output to the front axle.
Apart from the Vitara, I don't know of any other cars that the X90 has a similar engine to. Don't think any saloons share the same engine. This is a slight problem as they don't produce much power and there are very few tuning parts.
I have never heard of a propshaft breaking. The only breakdown that I've ever had was the UJ bearing on the propshaft going. I knew it was going but couldn't get a replacement in time, and it did! The reason for this is that it had 4 years of abuse putting all the power through a much lower ratio than it was designed for and just a rear axle rather than 2. Not surprising really. The good news is that it takes around an hour to replace and bearings cost about 30.
The down sides. They need loads of ballast, the steering is horrible, 3.5 turns lock to lock, the engine could do with more power. Lastly, there are still those who will give you abuse because they think that X90s are hairdressers cars. Just ignore them! :-)
Please understand that these are just my experiences and may be different to other people's.
Good Luck
Kevin Sharp