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Lands End / Re: well, how did it go?
« Last post by Paul K on Today at 04:12:17 pm »
I thoroughly enjoyed the trial.  Probably because it was dry and all the sections were manageable for me, though, nowadays thatís down to the bike :).

Everything seemed to slot into place this year apart from a dab at the turn before the restart on Blue Hills 2; a totally stupid mistake that cost me a Gold :-[. But at least I could claim a silver ;D.

So a big thanks from me for all those Observers, Marshals and Officials who made the trial for me.  If I didnít mishear, I learnt that the couple at the signing off desk had been doing the job for the last 30 years and werenít even Club members; thatís some dedication.
Lands End / Re: well, how did it go?
« Last post by Antony Moore on Today at 12:57:00 pm »
yep, thoroughly enjoyed it, only fell off once and I might even have cleared more sections that I failed which is a first for me!

I wonder how many made the same mistake as me on Hoskins....wrong box.

Big thanks to the organisers and marshalls, especially the two guys who picked me up out of the gloop on the Crackington restart.

Lands End / Re: Class O changes
« Last post by David (tufty) White on Today at 12:18:15 pm »
It's in the rules that bikes can pass cars in the queue for sections.

Don't worry Jason, you're too much of a gentleman.
Lands End / Re: Class O changes
« Last post by Jason Potts on Today at 08:17:19 am »
A class O motorcyclist told me they were all there an hour early. I don't like queue jumping but when they were very early and we were running a bit late and at the back....... i just followed the rest of the bikes filtering down the queue. Some places it was a bit tight squeezing the bike past, felt obliged to apologize to the car drivers and try to explain why were all barging to the front. Think most were ok with it.

But really enjoyed my first go at Class B. Only ever done Class O before.
Lands End / Re: well, how did it go?
« Last post by Paul Wheatley on Today at 06:58:15 am »
I observed on Hackmarsh. It's a difficult section to staff for a number of reasons and can be dangerous to observers due to the narrow track constrained by very steep banks on both sides and a shortage of places to safely stand where the competitors can actually be observed. I had to stand five or six feet up the slippery bank by the 'step', stand astride a low strand of barbed wire and hold on to a tree branch to prevent myself from falling into the section (and ripping off something very painful on the way down).

A number of bike riders arrived well out of sequence and far too early then rode up the section unobserved because it wasn't yet set up. They had to be sent around the loop and go again. The initial delay setting up was caused because some of the "staff" had to drive from manning a previous section. The early riders should obviously have waited at the bottom of the hill - but in their defence some wouldn't have ridden it before (but some certainly have) and could argue that they didn't know where the bottom of the hill was and just kept going. For future reference Hackmarsh begins at the end of the flat bit where the tarmac finishes...

There were some further delays caused by riders falling off quite early on, in the dark. An injured rider of the most serious incident was quite badly shaken if not stirred, had a potential back injury and had to be helped up the hill, quite a considerable climb. The stricken bike was standing vertically on its tail and wedged over to one side, up the bank in the undergrowth. Extra man power had to be brought up to get it out. There was also a car with a broken diff pinion to deal with just above the step. Thankfully we had a 4x4 available but even then we needed to push the broken car. Not to mention another rider who having been up once turned up again later and thought he was on a different hill!

Thankfully it's now recognised as not suitable for Class O vehicles. Two years ago the first Class O car driver to arrive took one look and said no way was he going to attempt the hill. He had to, there was no other way out and  the road behind him was already blocked by other competitors.
Lands End / Re: Update from the Swedish rookies.
« Last post by rick howell on April 21, 2019, 10:56:21 pm »
Well done lads. Good to meet you, hoped you liked our event. Have safe journey back and come over again soon.
Lands End / well, how did it go?
« Last post by rick howell on April 21, 2019, 10:52:16 pm »
Dry, cool overnight with amazing moon and clouds over Exmoor, not at all like last year. Lovely. Warm day but that lovely spring sunshine in Cornwall. Great. A touch too warm perhaps.

Sections dry, generally, not much waiting about apart from Hackmarsh (hard work at daybreak) and not too many surprises. Ok Crackington was as expected, but BH1 was a doddle (sorry anyone who failed it) no mush, no slippery slope, and only half the usual height of the ramp? - the only issue was with loose stuff here and there.

Excellent trial, I expect the MCC will have to fork out for a fair few medals this year.

Can I suggest to the LET sub committee that they route the trial through from the top of Portreath to Camborne and then use the old A30 route down through Connor Downs to Loggans? And while we're at it, change the route from just off Halloon rbt to go via Newlyn East to Shepherds and Goonhavern so avoiding the traffic around Newquay. Just a thought chaps, otherwise excellent. Thanks.
Lands End / Re: Class O changes
« Last post by rick howell on April 21, 2019, 10:22:08 pm »
As a main trial motorcyclist I was surprised to see class O cars queuing when we got to Darracott (after a long wait at Hackmarsh) and we then had quite a wait until a class O car had been towed up the hill. But it didn't delay us much.

Lands End / Re: Update from the Swedish rookies.
« Last post by Mossberg on April 21, 2019, 09:52:53 pm »
Thank you Paul,
Yes Hackmarsh was an interesting psychological drama. I flipped over, the bike did not start. I was exhausted and..... sad.
But the bike started, my brother encouraged me, the sun rose. A couple of section later life was perfect again. And Blue Hill, I think..... must wait for the results.
Right now we are in Belgium. We must discuss next year.....
Lands End / Class O changes
« Last post by Martin Bell on April 21, 2019, 09:16:00 pm »
Just wondered what competitors thought of Class O running on some of the main trial sections?
For what it's worth as a new(ish) competitor, I felt that it was a welcome extra challenge from last year's Class O.
We had an early number and hardly queued anywhere, but perhaps there was more congestion later?
Darracott was a great highlight, breaking down just after Hustyn less fun!   
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