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Title: Kawasaki W650, 2002 For Sale - SOLD
Post by: Paul K on August 07, 2020, 11:39:50 am
Owned by me since March 2014, first registered June 2002.  Used for leisure ride-outs with local riders and events.  The bike has been ridden in four MCC Somerset Scatter events and enabled me to win Best Day Bike 2015, a Best Bike Night 2017, and Overall Winner 2018 and 2019.  The bike has also been ridden in several ACU national road Rallies and enabled me to win Platinum and Gold awards.



For more photos, follow this link .  If you want further photos, let me know and Iíll see what I can do.

Other features include the following:

1. Sag on the front and rear suspension is adjusted for me at 12 stone in my gear.

2. Gas shocks at the rear (stopped the wallowing at the rear when cornering).  They have done 5,275 miles / 8,490 km.

3. Fused, auxiliary 12 V SAE connector is fitted for a powering a sat nav or route holder, or for trickle charging the battery.

4. Motad stainless steel exhaust system is fitted (saves a load of weight and does not rust).

5. Carburetters have been set-up on a dyno (SDC Performance, Stevenage) for optimum jetting.

6. Speedometer is calibrated in kilometres, but the pertinent MPH points are marked on the bezel and were ascertained using a sat nav so the markings are accurate.

7. Rear indicators are mounted on the rear sub-frame on my model year, rather than the tail lamp assembly where that location often results in a cracked mudguard.

Mileage is 16,457 miles / 26,486 km and MOT is one year (expires 6 August 2021).

Regularly serviced and maintained, that is oil, oil filter, air filters and valve clearance checks and adjustments.  For reference, the valve clearance adjustments are a joy on this engine; the rockers slide sideways to allow removal of a shim, then the insertion of a new shim (no removal of the camshaft or the use of special tools).  A pdf copy of the service history while in my ownership is available on request.  Some receipts are available from the previous owner. 

Front tyre is a Continental TKC80 tyre at the front that has done 3,242 miles / 5,219 km, but there is still mileage remaining.  The rear tyre is a Mitas E-07 that has done about 3 miles (to MoT test centre and back).  I have used these models of tyres on other bikes up to 650 cc over the years and found them great on dry or wet tarmac

Front brake pads in have plenty of material remaining.  Rear brake shoes have plenty of material remaining when I changed the rear tyre and as can be seen by the wear indicator on the brake plate.

An Ownerís Manual and a Service Manual are available as digital files, which can be forwarded to the buyer.

The bike has not been abused is a good starter. 

Faults?  Apart from a crack in the rear number plate, there are none.  The bike is a joy to ride on A roads, B roads and unclassified roads.  Motorways are a chore, but they are on any bike.  The handling and brakes are excellent.  The MCC Somerset Scatter revealed I could get 191 miles / 306 km out of a full tank of fuel.  It would make an excellent bike for class R.

The reason for selling?  I initially used the bike for ride-outs with mates, then bought a 1,000 cc road bike that I used instead.  The last time I really used the bike was the Somerset Scatter 2019, the scatter was cancelled this year and Iíve built a 500 cc project that I might use for next yearís scatter.  I canít see myself using the W650 sufficiently in the future to justify the space it takes up so reluctantly I have to sell it.

And some background information.  The W650 has a dedicated following for a number of reasons, which include the styling and the bullet-proof engine.  The W650 is no longer made; the slot being taken by the larger W800, however, many aficionados believe the W650 is the better machine because the W800 went to fuel injection and had to meet more stringent emissions regulations.  The W650 engine capacity is actually 676 cc whereas the W800 is actually 773 cc, so 97 cc difference.

Price in the region of £3,600.  More if thereís a huge demand, less if thereís little demand.  No demand; itíll go on ebay.  Contact me paulkhambatta at (substitute @ for at)
Title: Re: Kawasaki W650, 2002 For Sale
Post by: Alastair Queen on August 07, 2020, 04:45:41 pm
Oh..if only..if only....if only I could sell  a motor in 5 minutes, i would be beating your door down...
Title: Re: Kawasaki W650, 2002 For Sale
Post by: Paul K on August 07, 2020, 06:48:15 pm
I can wait a bit longer  ;D
Title: Re: Kawasaki W650, 2002 For Sale - SOLD
Post by: Paul K on September 14, 2020, 07:22:12 am
The bike has now been sold.  It was sold twice, but the first buyer had to cancel the purchase; his wife told him that at 77, he was too old and his eye-sight wasn't good enough  :(