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Title: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Tony Bishop on May 05, 2020, 09:09:05 am
The taster in NOTW last week about the proposed 3 day 120th birthday trial in 2021 certainly sounds exciting.
Any chance that a few more titbits of information regarding the format could be posted here for discussion ?
I appreciate it is probably still in it's infancy as far as specifics are concerned but anything to "whet the appetite" would be appreciated I am sure.
Now got to decide whether three days on the Serow is a good idea or perhaps try Class R in the sporty Fiesta.
Decisions decisions.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Tony Bishop on December 10, 2020, 02:14:44 pm
I didn't appear to get any response to my query about a possible format for the proposed 120th anniversary 3 day trial so I just wondered if any further thought had gone into this event.
I totally understand that Covid and the three main trials have been foremost in the Executive minds of late but if the situation were to improve to the point of the Club being able to promote an anniversary event then perhaps some basic ideas/plans, if they exist, would be appreciated by potential entrants.
For instance, is there likely to be any form of night event, how many miles might be proposed per day, is the event likely to be suitable for a standard road car - I don't fancy scratching or bending my nice road car ???

Just a thought before I start thinking about asking a long term friend to possibly navigate.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Paul K on December 10, 2020, 04:56:14 pm
There's some details at .  No night driving as there are overnight accommodation stops and you can enter your car in Class R, which won't damage it.

You'll still need an appropriate size fire extinguisher and a spill kit for Class R.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Paul K on December 10, 2020, 10:41:28 pm
I've got this update today from Jonathan Laver (President):

The MCC is known for its long distance events. The Lands End having the greatest length. The talked about a 3 Day Trial would be a longer event. In these current covid19 times each local authority that a motor event takes place in, or passes though, has to grant its permission. This permission once granted can be rescinded, without reason, at very short notice. If at the time of writing either of the above events were to be about to be run, I estimate that approx. 20 permissions would have to be given and remain valid for the duration of the event. The odds of this now or in future times is anyone’s guess.  This is just one consideration when attempting to plan MCC events at some time in the future. The organisers are as keen to put on events as competitors to enter. To offer any confirmation of events now would be false. Those Clubs who stage one day events do not face anything like the same challenges that we do and will be first to see bikes and cars out.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Tony Bishop on December 11, 2020, 01:21:17 pm
Thanks for the responses Paul.
Jonathan's comments taken on board and I can appreciate the current hesitation in the Club comitting to a three day event with the Covid situation at present.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Mark Gregg on December 11, 2020, 01:55:59 pm
To be fair to those doing the legwork, significant work has gone into this with three long days planned around one start /finish /overnight venue ( as i understand it) the planned format is that many traditional south west and other clubs have offered sections which they themselves will man. the mileage will be high over the three days. certainly trips to many south west favourites are planned inc. Blue Hills.

Im unsure if a class R format is planned but certainly the plan is to accommodate large numbers of entrants I myself will set aside my usual Austin 7 and bring out my old rigid matchless for the occasion along with my original 50's Barbour international suit. 

the sincere hope is that come late June our circumstances will have radically changed with 70000 folk a day been vaccinated potentially 12.5 million folk will be done come June.   
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Tony Bishop on January 21, 2021, 07:36:09 pm
I am trying to be positive about 2021 although this evening's news that pubs and restaurants may have to stay closed until May is straining that positivity to breaking point.
However, that apart, I am planning to enter the Anniversary Trial, Covid conditions permitting of course, and will be driving my Fiesta in Class R with Tim Keeling as navigator.
Being a motorcyle entrant normally the only event I have ever entered in a car was the 100th Lands End which I did with my wife in our MX5 and at that time I do not recall there being any car specific requirements.
Consequently, for the Anniversary Trial in Class R, do I need to have a spill kit and a fire extinguisher and if so what are the specific requirements and are there any other items required ?
Any other tips or suggestions to help a very novice team would be appreciated !!!
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Paul K on January 22, 2021, 08:19:39 am
You will need a fire extinguisher and a spill kit.  The extract below from the still to be issued SSR 2021 gives you the information you ned to comply with for Class R.  Item 'h' is the pertinent part.

Extract from SSR 2021
Classic Road Trial (Class R) - as follows:
a) A test of hill climbing ability, navigation, and timing.
b) Run on a route with non-damaging surfaces, the majority on sealed surfaces.
c) Open to any road legal motorcycle or two-wheel drive motor car, subject to the Clerk of the Course’s
decision on eligibility/desirability of any vehicle.
d) Fitted with road legal tyres. Tyres to be E marked and not marked for competition use only.
e) Competitors will not be eligible for any Premier or Annual award.
f) Motorcycles to comply with ACU regulations.
g) Cars to comply with Motorsport UK regulations.
h) With the exceptions of the above, vehicles and entrants must comply with the SSR.
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Mark Gregg on February 06, 2021, 02:18:12 pm
in MCC best traditions the anniversary trial will be held in 2022. the main aim of the trial was to provide a three day trial of the clubs famous sections with a big focus on socialising each evening. as this is not appropriate at this time we ll come back for another go at it next year.. In the mean time the club will hold the John Aley trial in late June to whet the appetite for that Northern delight 'The Edinburgh' the first week in october for which plans are advancing..
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Tony Bishop on February 17, 2021, 06:01:16 pm
John Aley Summer Trial

I am trying to stay positive about the likliehood of this trial going ahead in June.
Consequently, with not a lot else to do, I am now thinking about accommodation.
I understand that the final section is planned to be Blue Hills but is there any plan for the site of the finish yet ?
Also, are there any thoughts about some form of socialising ( BoJo permitting of course ) ?
Title: Re: 120th Birthday Trial
Post by: Stephen Bailey on February 17, 2021, 08:46:21 pm
Yes it would be good if the club could block book a hotel....  :)