Where to watch The Land's End Trial

Beggar's Roost (Main Trial and Class O)

It's the 100th anniversary of Beggars Roost being used on the Land's End, so if you're hardy enough, come watch the competitors as they attempt the 2nd competitive section of the event in the middle of the night.

Directions: It's located just East of Barbrook, on the North of Devon coast near Lynton.

Parking: Parking is best back in the village of Barbrook, but park safely as there are no designated spectator carparks available.

Directions: Section begins at OS GR: SS 714 477


Timing (2022): First motorcycle due at 11:35pm. Last car due at 05:35am.

Blue Hills (Main Trial and Class O)

Why spectate at Blue Hills? Quite simply because it is the most spectacular setting of any trials hill anywhere in the UK, with magnificent views in both directions along the North Cornwall coastline. There are three sections: ‘Old’ Blue Hills, which features in photographs from the 1920s and early 1930s, is tackled by Class 0; whilst Classes 1 to 8 attempt Blue Hills 1 in the bottom of the valley and the rough-and-rocky Blue Hills 2 which climbs steeply up the south side of Trevellas Combe. As most of the action takes place on the Saturday afternoon of the Easter weekend, there is always a huge crowd and a wonderful atmosphere.

Directions: Blue Hills is north east of St Agnes, which is on the B3285 between Perranporth and Redruth. Please approach the parking directly from the B3285 just to the east of the St Agnes One-Way system. Please be aware of competitors coming towards you after leaving the section. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to arrive directly from the Cross Coombe /Trevallas side because the road will be closed and you will NOT be allowed through.

Parking: Please park in the designated parking areas only. Be warned – the Police will be out in force and will take action if you restrict any entrance, road or access track that could prevent free passage for emergency vehicles including full size fire appliances. After parking, walk towards the sea to the top of the section.

Section Begins at OS GR: SW 728517


Timing (2022): First motorcycle due at 1.10pm. Last car due at 7.10pm.

Crackington (Main Trial only)

Crackington or Darracott? Take your pick. They both offer a wooded section which is virtually unchanged since the 1930s, although the bridge at the bottom of Crackington suffered badly in the floods of August 2004. Crackington is straighter and wider and many cars provide a good spectacle as they fight to get through the mud and ruts towards the top of the section.

Directions: Crackington is in the valley to the south east of the hamlet of Crackington Haven, north east of Boscastle. Please approach Higher Crackington from the south via the B3263. Please do not try to approach the section from the north, either along the trial route (there is no parking at Mineshop) or on the very narrow road via Congdons Bridge.

Parking: Please park on the ‘yellow’ roads around Lower and Middle Crackington, but please park sensibly and without causing an obstruction. It is then a short walk to the top of the section. Please do NOT park on the grass verges of the houses at the top of the section – the white road (with red dots) on the OS Landranger map and the Streetmap link below.

Section Begins at OS GR: SX 158961


Timing (2022): First motorcycle due at 07:25am. Last car due at 1.25pm.

Darracott (Main Trial only)

Darracott or Crackington? Take your pick. They both offer a wooded section which is virtually unchanged since the 1930s. Darracott is narrower, rougher, and has several good hairpin bends where vehicles have to slow down to take the corners.

Directions: Darracott is south of the village of Darracott, right on the Cornwall / Devon border south of Hartland Point. Please approach Darracott village from the A39 to the east, being at all times aware of the competitors coming towards you. Do not even think of going anywhere near Gooseham which is a very sensitive area and where there is no parking.

Parking: Please park on the ‘yellow’ roads around Darracott village, but please park sensibly and without causing an obstruction. Then walk down the exit route to the top of the section.

Section Begins at OS GR: SS 232173


Timing (2022): First motorcycle due at 06:05am. Last car due at 12:05pm.

Where to watch The Exeter Trial

Fingle Bridge

Why spectate at Fingle Bridge? The setting, in the steep valley of the River Teign, is absolutely marvellous, particularly if you’re prepared to walk some way up the hill to sample the wonderful views. The section is comparatively easy so most competitors are relaxed and often chatting with friends and fellow competitors. The parking is easy and, finally, you can retire to the excellent Fingle Bridge Inn by the bridge over the river Teign.

Directions: Fingle Bridge is south of the village of Drewsteignton, between Exeter and Okehampton. Please approach from the west, along the lanes via Drewsteignton, then drive down towards the bridge. Please do not approach from the east as the competitors come in this way and the lanes are very narrow.

Parking: Please park neatly on the left-hand side of the road where there are designated parking areas. It is a short walk, over the bridge, to the foot of the section. Please do not attempt to cross the bridge by car – this route is for competitors only.

Section begins at OS GR: SX 743899


Why spectate at Simms? A question that doesn’t really need asking. Simms is generally considered the most difficult “MCC hill” and it’s the one that all competitors want to ‘clean’ – but very few do. There are always hundreds of spectators and a fantastic atmosphere. The cheer from the crowd when a competitor struggles to the top can be heard across the valley in Ilsington. If you only spectate on one hill on one event each year – go to Simms!

Directions: Simms is south of the village of Ilsington, which is south west of Bovey Tracey. Ilsington can be reached from Bovey Tracey by the B3387, or directly on narrow lanes. Ilsington can also be reached from the A38 via Liverton.

Park and Ride: The Friends of Ilsington School will be operating a Park and Ride service on Saturday the 10th of January to alleviate congestion in and around Ilsington caused by parked spectator vehicles. Parking will be available at the football pitch and tennis courts which can be accessed via an informal one way system from the main road. Spectators travelling on their way to Ilsington will need to look out for the signage and arrows to the Park and Ride. The parking is at OS GR SX 779760. The minibus will run during the busiest period of the day i.e. from 10.30 a.m. till 3pm and possibly for longer subject to demand. A small charge will be made for both parking and ‘riding’ with all proceeds used to support Ilsington Primary school. You can, of course, walk. It is not far. But please take extra care. There are no pavements for pedestrians and the lanes are very narrow.

Section begins at OS GR: SX 785757

Where to watch The Edinburgh Trial


Directions: Calton is just south of the A6, to the east of Buxton. Please approach directly from the A6 and do NOT attempt to use Senner’s Lane.

Parking: Please park neatly on the wide section of ‘dead end’ road, leaving room for competitors to stop and adjust their tyres before attempting the section. You can see the Section begins from here.

Section begins at OS GR: SK 121713


Directions: Excelsior is south of the village of Hartington, which is on the B5054 south of Buxton.

Parking: Please park in the Hartington village public car park and follow the signed public footpath which leads directly to the section. Do NOT park on the B5054 or the “yellow” road at the top of the section.

Section begins at OS GR: SK 127599

Moneystones (Class O only)

Directions: Moneystones is just off the B5054, west of the junction with the A515 south of Buxton. Please approach from either direction along the B5054, not the A515.

Parking: Please park neatly off the road and walk down to the section.

Section begins at OS GR: SK 153615

Where not to spectate

The Peak District is an extremely sensitive area for all motorsport and maintaining good relations with those who live in the areas we pass through is essential to the continuity of the event. We therefore ask you NOT to spectate at those sections which are close to villages – this applies particularly to Litton Slack and Great Hucklow. In addition, many of the other sections used for the Edinburgh Trial are some distance from the public highway with inadequate, or non-existent, parking facilities. In short, if you’ve had enough of watching the trial at any of the three sections above, please offer to marshal on one of the others – it’s the only acceptable way to see them in use.

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