The Edinburgh Trial


The Edinburgh Trial was the first of the club's big three trials. Starting out from London in 1904, motorcyclists had just 24 hours to reach Edinburgh. 

After only a couple of years this became too easy. The challenge stepped up a notch, to travel from London to Edinburgh and back in 48 hours. 

This is all before the first world war. Tarmac had been patented in 1902 and the land speed record stood at 91mph in 1904. Later that year, a train became the first vehicle to exceed 100mph. Two months later the legendary Gordon Bennet was the first car driver to exceed 100mph. After that, cars were then allowed to enter and the die was cast. 

116 years later the Edinburgh Trial is still a worthy sporting challenge to the hardy motorcyclist or car driver. 

The event has held a fearsome reputation, which has mellowed in recent years, with organisers striving to achieve a gold medal in every class. This almost happened in 2019 with just class 7 left empty handed. 

2014 Edinburgh Trial in an Austin 7 RTC

2014 Edinburgh Trial from a BMW 318iS