Somerset Scatter

This event is set up to be an enjoyable motor experience. It will be as competitive or as laid back as you choose to make it. This could be your first ever motor sport event or you are at the top of your tree. The format is such that it will not disappoint and accommodates all.

Why should I consider entering this event ?
The event is run upon one of the longest days of daylight in the year. The first half takes you over Exmoor, with fantastic views and traffic free roads. The daytime event will take competitors to places they did not know existed, with views only seen upon a calendar. If you wish to challenge yourself and your machine, come along. If you want to remember something that you have done, years later, this is it. Those that have previously taken part acknowledge that currently, there is no other event of this standard (see reviews below).

Who can enter?
Current members of The Motor Cycling Club. Current members of the TRF  who hold an ACU licence have been allocated invitations for 25 night time and 60 day time entries. In addition, invitations have also been sent to some of our local supportive motor clubs.

What vehicle can I use?
It is open to motorbikes, combinations and cars of any age.  None of the following vehicles are permitted: any 4×4 type vehicles or one that looks like one, quads or commercial vehicles. Somerset lanes are narrow, and a large vehicle is unsuitable.

What is the event format?
The event is in two halves and you may enter either or both, this being the full event. The first half starts at midnight and finishes for breakfast at 7am. The second daytime half, starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm.

So what is involved?
All of the event is upon public metalled roads. The object of the event is to accumulate as many points as possible by visiting various locations scattered over the county of Somerset within a set time frame. It is not a treasure hunt. The “Controls” that competitors may choose to visit have landmark features which have to be noted down, as proof of having been visited. It is up to every competitor to decide upon the number of locations they will visit and the route to be taken. Locations have different points values so part of the skill is planning your event prior to the day. Ten days before the day of the event each competitor will receive a list of the location of the controls to be visited. This will be presented in the form of O.S. six figure map references. Prior to the event and during the event you may use any form of computer plotting aid and navigation aid you like. You can however use O.S. maps as this year`s winners did.

Are there any prizes?
Each competitor`s performance is calculated and there are Premier Awards and individual performance Certificates issued to each competitor.

Does my chosen machine require special preparation?
No but it must be road legal. Cars however require a Motor Sports Association specified fire extinguisher and a spill kit. Fast road type tyres are not recommended upon motor bikes.

Are there any restrictions?
This is not a speed event or a race. At all times the Highway code rules and all mandatory speed limits MUST be adhered to. Any vehicle with a loud exhaust will not be allowed to take part.

When do I get to eat?
The event stops at a country pub for an all you can eat big breakfast and returns for an evening meal – should you wish to. Time is allocated for lunch at your chosen location. You get to talk to like-minded people and chill out.

When is the event?
The 5th MCC Somerset Scatter Rally is upon the 15th June 2019. Entries open 30th March 2019.  If you wish to enter this event or have any questions please email Jonathan Laver at Places are limited with most competitors returning each year. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to express your interest now and we will contact you as soon as entries are open. The information upon this page is offered as a guide only. Event regulations are supplied to every competitor.

This is what some of our past competitors had to say :-

“I am writing to congratulate you on an excellent Scatter Rally last Saturday. It was a challenge ! I have done a few scatter rallies in the past and this was the best so far. My driver and I certainly enjoyed it.” – Dood Pearce

Mike Boggis did the day section only: “We took part in the daytime part of the Scatter and, despite finishing well down the list, we weren’t bothered because it was an absolute delight! Our congratulations and thanks to all the team, and particularly to Jonathan Laver for pioneering a fresh concept and for taking us to parts of beautiful Somerset which looked fantastic. The important point of this for me is that it is a non vehicle breaking event and, as I don’t like bashing up motors on rocks, it was one I was happy to enter. In case purists think this was a dawdle in the country – think again!”

Bill Rosten should know, he runs the Lands End! “I think it was brilliant success. Jonathan and Ann have put in a lot of work to make an event that is easy to run and great fun for the competitors. It is as challenging as you want to make it, with 2 sets of co-ordinates to visit in approximately 7 hours each. In some ways, it sets a task that is as hard as the trials. We covered around 300 miles in the competition in the Dellow with not far short of that getting to and fro. It’s ideal for cars like mine that are no longer competitive in the sections, but still fun to drive. Like all MCC events, there were plenty of opportunities to have a pleasant chat to other competitors. The officials were friendly as always. This is a worthy addition to the 3 main trials.”

Paul Khambatta sums it up: “What a brilliant event the Scatter Rally turned out to be. The night run was like one of my favourite parts of a classic trial, chasing your headlight across Exmoor and negotiating narrow lanes with a host of stones, mud and grass on them, but this time on a road bike with more ‘umph’ in it than my usual trial bike. Ecstasy. The day run was just as enjoyable with some roads on the Somerset levels being close to a section when taken at speed. In my opinion, the Scatter Rally was superior to the annual ACU National Road Rally (NRR) that I have competed in for many years. For comparison, the two stages of the Scatter Rally required up to 60 locations to be visited in about 300 miles over 14 hours; whereas the NRR only requires 24 check points to be visited in about 500 miles, but 20 hours. The Scatter Rally required a much higher level of navigational skill, concentration and physical demands. As to an advantage for any particular class of vehicle, I think it was a bit of swings and roundabouts. A quick bike could cover the distance faster, but a car had the advantage of a navigator who could call out directions and write answers on the move. Mark me down for next year.”

Somerset Scatter 2017 Results
Overall winner – Keith Grant
Best performance bike – Trevor Gibb
Best performance bike night – Paul Khambatta
Best performance car night – Alan Murrell tied with Rod Hanson
Best performance car day – William Moffatt

Somerset Scatter 2016 Results
Overall winner – William Moffatt (car on maps)
Best performance bike – Trevor Gibb (sat nav)
Best performance bike night –  John Hind
Best performance car night – Keith Grant
Day best car – Alan Murrell

Somerset Scatter 2015 Results
Overall winner – Trevor Gibb (Bike sat nav)
Best performance car – Martin & Lesley Neal (maps)
Best performance bike on maps – Neil Browne
Best performance combination – Andy & Anita Petherwick
Day best car tied – David Sullivan
Day best car tied – Alan Murrell
Day best bike – Paul Khambatta