Once you have joined the MCC, you can then enter our events.

You’ll need to log on to our entry system, complete your details and upload some documentation.

Some clubs are invited to enter our events, where members do not require MCC membership.

STEP THREE Pay the event fees (subject to change)

Individual MCC Members in cars, on motorcycles, sidecars and three wheelers - £95

Invited Club Members [Associate Members] - £110

If you are a car competitor and do not have your own suitable insurance cover, this costs an additional £19-£25 per event.

Competitors and passengers on bikes, sidecar outfits and in three-wheelers need an ACU Trials Registration.

You can apply for this once you are a member of the MCC (or other relevant club.)

To get your registration, apply on the ACU website. You’ll need an ACU code, which is a number you can find in your profile on our membership system.

Team entry - £TBC

Team entries are for three competitors in the same event, competing in any class. Teams can be a mixture of bikes, cars, sidecar outfits and three-wheelers.


Sort your insurance

As a motorcyclist with your ACU Trials Registration, you’re covered by the ACU insurance from the start of the trial to the finish. That insurance is free and provides third party cover. You’ll still need your own Road Traffic Act (RTA) insurance if you ride your bike to and from the start and finish.

As a car driver, the MCC offers third party, Road Traffic Act insurance while you’re on the trial. You’ll still need your own RTA insurance if you drive your car to and from the start and finish.

You don’t have to take up the MCC’s insurance cover; you can arrange your own through your existing insurance company, who may already provide that cover, or may extend your existing cover. However, many members encounter difficulties when trying to arrange that cover.

Now you’re ready to go! Why not read up on our advice for first time competitors?


After you've entered

Keep an eye on our weekly News of the Week enewsletter for updates and information on each of our events.

You’ll normally receive a copy of the Event Programme and your competition numbers by post about a fortnight before the trial.

In order to download your route, you will be invited to log into our Entry System, upload any remaining documentation and complete a series of declarations.

Once completed, you will be able to download your Route Book in Word format. The Route Book contains directions and instructions so you know where to go, know where the sections are, what the requirements for each are, times, etc. You can manipulate the Word document as you see fit, e.g. increase the font size, change the typeface, change the margins; this is especially useful if your eyes prefer a large font.

The route directions are good so you’ll not need maps on the trial, though, they can be useful if you get lost. If you want to see where the trial travels, set aside a full evening to run through the route directions on a detailed roadmap, or on Ordnance Survey (OS) maps.

Some competitors create their own GPX routes from the Route Book and some have downloaded the digital version to their smart phones. If you’d like to be ‘buddied up’ with a more experienced competitors(s), contact the Club, who’ll see if there is a club member local to you who could offer advice and support. That club member can help you understand the rules, such as positioning yourself for starts and restarts, and so on.

Ensure that you don’t forget to sign on at the start. No signature means no ACU insurance, meaning you could be in financial and legal difficulties if involved in an incident. No signature also means you’re regarded as not competing so no awards.


Get ready for your trial

If this is your first MCC trial then you are in for a treat. There's things that you can do to make sure you are well prepared and get the most out of the event. We've put together some handy advice and guidance to help you prepare.

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