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2020 regulations are dominated by COVID-19. Although these regulations are some way from the club’s usual common practice, following them closely will show once again that the MCC and its members can lead the way, just as they have done for 119 years.

The health of all involved with the event is our number one priority, so various changes have been made to reflect this.

Please read the information below carefully, make sure you understand and start gathering some of the documents in advance.

You don’t need everything to hand to enter but every detail must be competed before the day of the event.

If you would like to help out at the trial, read our information for volunteers.

Entering the event

To enter this year’s Edinburgh Trial, you will need to be an MCC member or a member of an invited club (see 2020 Edinburgh ASR). You will need an ACU or MSUK licence and use the club’s or ACU insurance, or have details of your own. Read the information provided and make sure you complete all the online documents, detailed below.

This information will remain on this web page, on the MCC forum and be sent to you personally in your final instructions when you enter.

You must complete all these requirements before the event. You can add and amend your vehicle and class up to 7 days before the start. You can amend your personal details up to 23.59 2nd October 2020.

Information you must read

We ask all competitors to familiarise themselves with the links below. We must follow all regulations for this year’s event, for everyone’s health and safety. see 2020 Edinburgh ASR

Competitor health declaration

Social distancing and MSUK regulations prevent the usual support being offered to stricken vehicles.

If you are a motorcyclist and fall from your bike, uninjured, you must be able to right it and remove it yourself. Marshal support will not be provided unless it is a medical emergency.

Everyone in competing cars must be fit enough to leave the vehicle and push (unless there is a medical emergency).

All competitors must complete a health declaration 48 hours before the event and upload it to the club’s online entry system. Declarations can not be completed on the day.

If you are unable to fill in a health declaration online, please ask someone else to complete it on your behalf.

The health declaration is also your virtual signature to sign on for the event (you do not have to sign on on the day) and your self declaration for vehicle scrutineering. Every competitor and passenger must complete one.

No amendments can be made on the event day, every detail on your entry must be correct. Incorrect or incomplete information means you will not be eligible to start.

Other documentation to upload

Competitors must upload the following documents to their profile on the clubs’ online entry system:

  • A scan or photo of your MCC membership card (if you are an MCC member)
  • A scan or photo of your ACU or MSUK licence (if you are not an MCC member)
  • Your insurance company’s name and policy number (if you are not using the club supplied car insurance or the ACU insurance scheme)

Digital-only information

All information for competitors will be provided digitally, the event is entirely paper free. There will be no hard copies of any documents, such as control cards, scrutineering cards and damage declarations.

Competitors will need to print their own competition numbers.

Every competitor will receive an email 14 days before the trial that will include:

  • generic information document
  • route card
  • final entry list
  • health, scrutineering and signing on declaration
  • ASR Edinburgh 2020
  • final instructions
  • digital programme and a digital Triple
  • Link to the programme to print competitor numbers
  • digital damage declaration form

The information will be available on this page from at least 14 days before the trial, updated regularly.

At the event

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The MCC will not supply any competitors with PPE, only volunteers.

All competitors or passengers must carry the following:

  • surgical face mask
  • latex gloves
  • alcoholic sanitiser

Vehicles with passengers should also carry:

  • an additional 450ml of sanitiser
  • at least two additional pairs of latex gloves

Read MSUK’s guidance on recommended PPE.


Competitors should arrive no more than 60 minutes and no less than 30 minutes before their start time.

All participants should be in/on the vehicle. A socially distanced official will check lights, horn and windscreen wipers and visually confirm the number of participants. If all is in order, your front competition number will be marked. Scrutineering and signing on is then complete.


The start officials are based in a prominent signposted vehicle near the car park exit.

As you approach in your vehicle, a large digital clock will be displayed. Acknowledge the starter when the time you desire is shown, receive their acknowledgement and begin (they can only give you the time you wave acknowledgement, not before or after).

Before sections and tests

  • Competitors and marshals should socially distance, with face to face conversation limited
  • Face coverings should be used
  • No physical contact should be made with vehicles other than by competitors
  • Nothing outside the vehicle should be touched, fence posts/lamp posts gates etc.

On the section/test

Marshals will not make physical contact with a vehicle or competitor except in the case of medical emergency. Should a vehicle become stuck or a rider falls from their bike, they alone should recover it, unless an injury is indicated. Passengers are expected to push their vehicle.

MSUK guidances states if there is an incident or medial intervention:

“A marshal should approach a stranded vehicle, face on and at a safe distance, to observe the OK (thumbs up) from the driver and request intervention in the case of no presented indication. If intervention is required, appropriate level PPE to be worn.”

Lunch stop and finish time control

The signposted time control vehicle will record your time as you stop and acknowledge the marshal when entering and exiting the lunch stop and finish line.

The time displayed on the clock will be the time you are given. It is your responsibility to get the correct time. You may wait until the correct time is displayed but please leave room for other competitors.

Want to help our rather than compete? Read about volunteering at the event.

Edinburgh Trial section