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Founded in 1901, we're Britain’s oldest sporting motor club for motorcycles and cars

Founded in 1901, the Motor Cycling Club is one of the very oldest clubs for the sporting motorist. We have over 1000 loyal and enthusiastic members who enjoy our own particular style of motor sport on two, three, or four wheels. 

We are known mainly for our three great long distance classic reliability trials; the Exeter Trial (held in early January), the Lands End Trial (held at Easter), and the Edinburgh Trial (held in early October). These have all been run since the first decade of the last century with the essential character unchanged and entries still numbered in the hundreds.

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Our next event is the Somerset Scatter on 15 June 2019.

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The history of the MCC

The MCC has been running since 1900 and is one of the oldest running motorsport clubs today.

Fifth Gear tackles the Exeter Trial

Tackling Blue Hills in the Land’s End Trial

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3 days ago

The Motor Cycling Club

#197 Emma Wall & Rob Meredith gracefully clean Blue Hills in their 1935 Austin Seven. ...

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4 days ago

The Motor Cycling Club

Where in Britain would a Ukrainian-manufactured (and very newly registered) #ZAZ 966 be seen undertaking observed tests and sections?

In our events, of course!

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Received some really positive news this evening from the realms of officialdom.

The proposed route for class R in the Edinburgh Trial has been accepted according to the Clerk of the Course.

This will be a first for the MCC in modern times, a 100% tarmac route, including tarmac special tests taken straight from route cards of the 1950's.

A smidge under 200 miles starting at midnight and using over 70 miles of roads not previously used in the Edinburgh Trial before. We have scoured the National Park and found the best lanes imaginable, including 6 miles of tarmac road with grass growing up the centre!

The midnight start means a lunchtime finish and a leisurely break for breakfast at the Duke of York (crowned best pub in the Dales for Sunday Lunches only this week!)

We hope that members and friends will support inclusion of Class R in the Edinburgh Trial in 2019 as it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles from vintage through to classic, modern historic to daily run abouts; providing a challenge for all levels of competitor from raw novices in the family saloon to old hands on Hero rallies.

The trial will be officially launched the first week in June when all the information will be available to help you make your choice of how you'll be spending October 5th.

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