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Founded in 1901, we're Britain’s oldest sporting motor club for motorcycles and cars.

Founded in 1901, the Motor Cycling Club is one of the very oldest clubs for the sporting motorist. We have over 1000 loyal and enthusiastic members who enjoy our own particular style of motor sport on two, three, or four wheels. 

We are known mainly for our three great long distance classic reliability trials; the Exeter Trial (held in early January), the Lands End Trial (held at Easter), and the Edinburgh Trial (held in early October). These have all been run since the first decade of the last century with the essential character unchanged and entries still numbered in the hundreds.

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Sidecar on Simms

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Sidecar at Testing Trial

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The history of the MCC

The MCC has been running since 1901 and is one of the oldest running motorsport clubs today.

Fifth Gear tackles the Exeter Trial (part 1)

Tackling Blue Hills in the Land’s End Trial

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We do love a good photo from our members' archives! This fantastic shot is from our General Secretary, Paul Khambatta, who explains,

"The scooter is a Phoenix, powered by a Villiers two-stroke engine and manufactured by Ernie Barrett, who was a family friend. The rider is my uncle, Ken Khambatta. Ernie modified the scooter for MCC events by raising the front suspension. The event is the Exeter Trial 1962 and as my parents are in the crowd, I suspect it’s the start, wherever that was.

Ernie was an ex-racer and had competed in the Ilse of Mann on a motorcycle with a frame of his own design, hence, his scooters were powerful when fitted with the 250 cc or 324 cc engine."

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It would have been the 92nd Exeter Trial this weekend... What will you miss most about the event? Seeing other MCC members? The knot in your stomach at the bottom of Simms? The delicious cakes at Ilsington Parish Hall? ...

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