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Founded in 1901, we're Britain’s oldest sporting motor club for motorcycles and cars

Founded in 1901, the Motor Cycling Club is one of the very oldest clubs for the sporting motorist. We have over 1000 loyal and enthusiastic members who enjoy our own particular style of motor sport on two, three, or four wheels. 

We are known mainly for our three great long distance classic reliability trials; the Exeter Trial (held in early January), the Lands End Trial (held at Easter), and the Edinburgh Trial (held in early October). These have all been run since the first decade of the last century with the essential character unchanged and entries still numbered in the hundreds.

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Our next event is the Somerset Scatter on 15 June 2019.

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The history of the MCC

The MCC has been running since 1900 and is one of the oldest running motorsport clubs today.

Fifth Gear tackles the Exeter Trial

Tackling Blue Hills in the Land’s End Trial

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Hi All,

Yes, we have a new logo.

This has been professionally designed and is an output of the marketing project that the MCC executive voted to initiate. This is just the start of many outputs. For example there will be a new website coming soon. We are doing this project because we must increase entries to our events. This in turn will secure the future of the MCC.

Comments on the logo, and indeed the new website when it’s up and running, are very welcome, but please remember:

1. That the project is not being carried out to please us. It is being carried out to attract newcomers. The new logo is designed to work on a mobile phone.

2. That a personal view might not align with what is best for the club. I love the old logo - our bikes are adorned with it, but I believe the new logo is best for the club. We are delivering this task professionally.

3. To be factual and objective in your comments. Words like ‘don’t like’ are not helpful.

4. The old logo is not going anywhere. Like many brands we will have heritage logos. If anyone can send me copies of the logos used throughout the existence of the MCC, it would be greatly appreciated. Just post them in this thread.

5. Georgina, the MCC social media manager, and I are working extremely hard for you, the MCC, to make the marketing project a success. The logo alone is the result of hours of debate, analysis, assessment and review. This is on top of our efforts in support of the hard working Exeter, Land’s End and Edinburgh teams. Accordingly, please be positive, constructive and helpful in your comments. There is a word for this - teamwork. And the MCC is a team.

I will note that it would be fantastic to debate and vote on these things at the AGM, but hardly anyone turns up, so we can’t say that the AGM is truly representative of the membership.

Thank you,

Ian Thompson.
MCC Marketing Project Manager
MCC Exeter Trial Chief Marshal
MCC Motorcycle Tyre Officer

Georgina Mason
MCC Land's End Trial Secretary
MCC Social Media Manager

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6 days ago

The Motor Cycling Club

We've refreshed our logo - what do you think? ...

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Exeter Marshals Appeal

Whilst a number of sections and controls now have sufficient marshals assigned we are still short.

Please consider putting something back into the club, or if you're new to the MCC or its events, marshalling is an ideal way to get involved without committing to competing.

To find out more email to exeter.marshals@themotorcyclingclub.org.uk for an initial discussion without commitment.

Thank you,


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