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Founded in 1901, we're Britain’s oldest sporting motor club for motorcycles and cars

Founded in 1901, the Motor Cycling Club is one of the very oldest clubs for the sporting motorist. We have over 1000 loyal and enthusiastic members who enjoy our own particular style of motor sport on two, three, or four wheels. 

We are known mainly for our three great long distance classic reliability trials; the Exeter Trial (held in early January), the Lands End Trial (held at Easter), and the Edinburgh Trial (held in early October). These have all been run since the first decade of the last century with the essential character unchanged and entries still numbered in the hundreds.

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Our next event is the Somerset Scatter on the 6th of June, 2020.

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The history of the MCC

The MCC has been running since 1900 and is one of the oldest running motorsport clubs today.

Fifth Gear tackles the Exeter Trial

Tackling Blue Hills in the Land’s End Trial

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2 weeks ago

Tom Moore

I know there's a lot going on in everyone's world right now, and it probably isn't top of anyone's agenda... but does anyone have any idea what's happening with lands end entries yet? I've heard nothing at all since it was cancelled and £125 is quite a lot of money to some people...
Is the postponed date set in stone and definitely happening? Or is it being cancelled for 2020 all together?
Many thanks, and stay safe everyone

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The Land’s End Trial has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Mulling through the latest advice from the Government, Motorsports UK and various media, I have been discussing this with quite a few people and listening to their advice. I am of the opinion that we ought to postpone the Land's End rather than cancel or indeed to carry on trying to run it. We have within the team discussed ways of:

1. Doing away with the need for officials to handle either the declaration or control cards.
2. Doing away with competitors signing on & off.
3. Providing extra washing facilities.

Whilst this may be possible and even desirable, it will not eliminate the risk of transmission. Relying on competitors and officials to withdraw if they feel unwell only takes one so far. There are a number of unknown factors such as a period when an individual may be infectious but not yet showing symptoms.

The COVID-19 outbreak is still spreading and curtailing our activities generally is a major step to limit its spread. Our event is low risk BUT there are areas where the risk of passing on this disease would be higher, such as controls in confined spaces (Barbrook) or rest halts (Bridgwater & Wilsey Down). I am not willing to place our officials and competitors in a position where they might be more exposed to the coronavirus, let alone the individuals and firms that supply facilities and refreshments.

My feeling is that there will be more likelihood in the near future of events being closed down and a possibility that more of us will be confined to quarters. The current outbreak is not showing any signs of slowing down in either this country or our neighbours. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, we will understand how best to tackle this problem.

Accordingly I propose that we delay the running of the Land's End until 11th/12th September, which does not conflict with ACTC events. Taking this decision now will give people time to make alternative arrangements with hotels etc. I apologise to anyone inconvenienced by this decision.

Clerk of the Course
Bill Rosten.

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3 weeks ago

Tom Moore

Hi all, just seen, on the entry list for the LE trial, that I don't appear to be running with the people that I asked to on my entry.
I have just logged in to check my entry and I think I can see the issue. When I entered, it asked who I wanted to run with and I put the surname of my friend who I wanted to run with. However they hadn't entered at the time so the online system didnt give me the option to click their name, like it is now.
I have also tried to add the clubs insurance to my entry, which I have successfully done, but it is trying to get me to pay £125?! My entry is already paid, so I'm just looking to pay for insurance.
If anybody could please help me with either of my queries, or just point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks

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