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Founded in 1901, one of the oldest clubs for motor sports

Who we are... founded in 1901, the Motor Cycling Club is one of the very oldest clubs for the sporting motorist. We have over 1000 loyal and enthusiastic members who enjoy our own particular style of motor sport on two, three, or four wheels. Do not confuse us with the 'other MCC' which plays a game involving teams of eleven men in white flannels. To generations of motorsport enthusiasts there is only one MCC - The Motor Cycling Club.
What we do... we are known mainly for our three great long distance classic reliability trials: - The Exeter Trial (held in early January) - The Lands End Trial (held at Easter) - The Edinburgh Trial (held in early October) These have all been run since the first decade of the last century with the essential character unchanged and entries still numbered in the hundreds. Visit our Events page to find out more...

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The MCC has been running since 1900 and is one of the oldest running motorsport clubs in exsistence today.

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